Have you done an image search for the word “partnership”?

The image results turn up pictures of people shaking hands, teams putting together puzzle pieces or building blocks – it gives you the sense that “working in partnership” means working together to build something stronger, to build something great.

This is what the Citrix and Microsoft partnership has done for the hosted services market.

As a service provider, when you choose to partner with Citrix and Microsoft, your customers get the leader in desktops and desktop virtualization plus the leader in desktop management and PC configuration. The result? The best-in-class application virtualization solution.

In 2016, Citrix and Microsoft will continue working together to bring cost/effective scenarios for Citrix Service Providers as Microsoft continues to gain momentum in their advances towards the cloud with Azure and Office 365. What does this momentum mean for you as a Citrix Service Provider?

It means extending your hosted services value proposition to your customers and expanding your source of revenue.

Make sure you are ready to capitalize on where Microsoft is taking their cloud strategy. We’re ready to help you get there! Join us at Citrix Summit 2016 and attend this Microsoft-led session: SUM176: Citrix and Microsoft leading the charge in the hosting and services market.

You will learn:

  • How your hosting business benefits from the winning partnership of Citrix and Microsoft
  • Where Microsoft is taking their cloud strategy
  • Extending your value proposition with Azure cloud services

SUM176- Citrix and Microsoft leading the charge in the hosting and services market

We are excited to offer you this session plus 12 more sessions as part of the unique Citrix Service Provider Track at Citrix Summit 2016, designed to help you build your best business in the coming year.

I’m looking forward to meeting you – Register for Citrix Summit 2016 today.

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