Today we are excited to preview HDX 3D Pro for Linux that will enable hardware acceleration for 2D and 3D graphics applications on a Linux Virtual Desktop.

We have been getting a tremendous response for Citrix Linux virtual desktop and a lot of our customers are running 3D applications on Linux. The last release of XenApp and XenDesktop added support for multi-monitor Linux graphics, a big step in our graphics architecture towards the goal of HDX 3D Pro support.

Linux Penguin3D applications on Linux are used in variety of use cases ranging from mission critical research and development environments such as for chip-design, high performance computing projects, financial and scientific modeling, big-data analysis and engineering tools.

Citrix customers have also expressed a desire to use it for specialized applications built exclusively for Linux particularly in oil and gas, manufacturing, digital media and entertainment industries. These industries stand to gain immensely by centralizing data sharing for 3D apps on Linux: to protect intellectual property, meet seasonal demand, and increase productivity from any location and any device.

Whether you are new to Citrix or have existing infrastructure with XenApp and XenDesktop users, HDX 3D Pro for Linux brings 25 years of Citrix innovation and real-world experience to your virtualization strategy.

Check out a video preview of HDX 3D Pro for Linux from our lab.

Express your interest by filling in a small survey and stay tuned for more updates on HDX 3D Pro for Linux in near future…

Sometimes it is better to wait for the best than going with what’s available!