Citrix Insight Services provides you with an intuitive and robust way to diagnose problems — all by yourself — without having to call tech support. All you need are your My Citrix credentials.

As a part of the self-diagnosis, CIS provides you with some key reports. These include:

  • Health Check Summary: This comprehensive report lists any alerts that were triggered for the diagnostic bundle that you uploaded. Each alert corresponds to a specific condition and provides prescriptive recommendations like firmware upgrades, misconfigurations, and security recommendations. The recommendations all have links to one or more knowledgebase articles and documentation.
  • Environment Diffing: This report summarizes the differences between multiple uploads coming from the same appliance. This helps with change control and auditing.
  • Appliance Details: This is a nifty report that summarizes key configuration details like NSIP, license type, and platform. It also lists the number of vservers, services, policies, etc.
  • NetScaler Environment: This visual report, based on newnslog files collected from the appliance, provides charts that illustrate performance statistics like CPU usage, memory usage, compression performance, etc.
  • History: This report summarizes two major sets of configuration events: upgrades/downgrades and feature enablement/disablement.

Citrix releases new diagnostics into CIS on a daily basis. Keep coming back to ensure you are up to date with the latest and greatest.

Citrix has made self-diagnosis so simple, that it takes a this simple 2-minute video to explain it. We welcome you to try out this feature and send us your feedback.

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