I see more organizations increasingly seek out partners with documented customer projects that validate their successful implementation of enterprise cloud networking solutions.

This demand is especially beneficial for Citrix Specialists qualified in Networking for Data Center because they possess technical and sales expertise in optimizing, securing and controlling the delivery of enterprise and cloud services built on NetScaler and CloudBridge.

A winning Citrix Specialist in Networking for Data Center is Cloud Networks Co. Ltd. of Seoul, South Korea. Having this designation is helping them reassure the most skeptical companies that it fully understand NetScaler and moreover, can resolve issues and questions if they arise.

Citrix Specialization persuades skeptical customers

“Most customers believe competitive products are very similar, so they base their decision on the technical competency of the partner selling the products,” said Director Seungwoo Han.

New customers especially wonder about our technical skills and product knowledge. However, this question is being easily resolved by Citrix specialization.

For Cloud Networks, some of the most challenging customers are financial organizations.

“Financial organizations are known for being difficult. They do not take anyone’s word for expertise—instead, they conduct due diligence and look for proof,” he explained.

Citrix Specialist designation, which Cloud Networks earned in July 2015, provides validation. It demonstrates that the partner knows exactly how to build a given networking infrastructure and deliver optimal results for the customer.

“In Korea, IT services for the financial industry are usually provided by big companies; however, we have been able to enter this sector because our technological knowledge and skills can be verified through Citrix specialization.”

How Citrix Specialization in Networking is winning Cloud Networks business

I’m excited to say that since becoming specialized, Cloud Networks has won some notable networking deals. One involved a project for a financial company involving SSL data processing for Internet banking. A Citrix solution was implemented to handle this scenario, but SSL data processing has been so successful that Cloud Networks has received additional business from the customer.

In another case, the partner was selected by a telecommunications company to replace Cisco ACE L4 switches with NetScaler. In the beginning, the implementation focused on processing external SSL data.

Recognizing the stability and excellent processing capability of Citrix technology, the customer expanded the project scope to include internal services.

Currently, the partner has deployed more than 100 NetScaler appliances for this customer and continues to expand the installation.

Cloud Networks is very interested in NetScaler SDX and admin partitioning functions that can replace Cisco ACE L4 switches.

Rapid revenue growth

They have grown rapidly since its inception in 2012, when there were only five employees. Within four years, the company has grown to 12 people.

Cloud Networks’ revenue gains are even more impressive, jumping from $1.6 million in 2012 to $4.1 million in 2014. As of September 2015, revenues had already hit $4.5 million.

“We are receiving a lot of support from the sales reps and sales engineers of Citrix Korea.” Needless to say that Cloud Networks is reaping the rewards of a strong relationship with Citrix and benefiting from innovative channel initiatives such as Citrix Specialization.

 The company has set high goals: “In the long run, we are planning and hoping to become number one in L4/L7 switch work in Korea. We know that we can provide the best services to our customers, thanks to our complete understanding of Citrix products,” Director Han concluded.

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