Here at Citrix, we think a lot about how we can deliver a better experience for our customers.

We want to help you meet your challenges through new and creative uses of our technologies. Period.

With new technologies, educating users about how this all fits into their environment is always a challenge. New things are great, but as my friend Christian Reilly, CTO for Citrix Workspace Services, said in a recent post, “If the customer doesn’t win, we all die anyway.”

Really, that’s the end goal — for the customer to win. So, with all the great, new technology that’s being built, we’ve been looking for new ways to effectively communicate out the best ways that customers can take advantage of these innovations.

During the month of October, the teams at Citrix that build Data Center Infrastructure products competed in a contest — our very first Blog-a-thon! — to see who could write the best, most informative, most creative blogs.

We asked people to submit posts for the following categories:

  • Best Instructional Blog: Teaching someone how to do something
  • Best Competitive Blog: Showing how our products beat a competitor’s
  • Best Creative Blog: We’ll know it when we see it
  • Best Cutting Edge Blog: Again, we’ll know it when we see it
  • And, just for fun, we’d pick a “Best of Show” post to round things out

All-in-all, we had over 30 excellent blog posts written. In fact, there was so much great information generated that I have to break my wrap-up into into multiple posts, so you can find the info you want.

To kick things off, we had a number of posts covering one of our newest offerings, Citrix Lifecycle Management. Lifecycle Management is a service of Citrix Workspace Cloud that helps you automate IT processes with some pretty cool, new technology that we call Blueprints.

So, it’s easier for you to navigate and find the information you need, I’ve split them up into three sub-topics for easier navigation.

Lifecycle Management Overview and Getting Started:

Interesting Lifecycle Management Use-cases:

Advanced Topics on Blueprints:

As you can see, there are a lot of great posts here. However, with a competition you have to pick some winners. From this set, we actually found winners in two categories! The judges decided to recognize the Len & Reese Comics (part 1 & part 2) as most creative. Congrats to Sonny, David and Todd!

Also, the judges selected Akchay Srivastava for his super-cool blog on the Gems of Citrix Lifecycle Management as Best in Show for the best overall blog. Congrats Akchay!

Seeing how our team is thinking about–and gets excited about!–how to deliver the best experience possible for Citrix customers has us pretty excited (it’s all very exciting!)

Next up: Blog-a-thon entries for Citrix CloudPlatform! Stay tuned …