In 2015 we introduced a new path to success for Citrix Solution Advisors: Citrix Specializations.

Partners are loving it in large part because of the major benefits now available to them.

‘We believe specialization will drive greater employee satisfaction, retention and loyalty.” – Peter Gustafsson, Citrix alliance manager, Atea

Citrix Specialists see a spectrum of benefits from financial rewards to exclusive practice development content to stronger engagement with Citrix Sales.

Citrix delivers strong ROI for partners that earn Specialist status and they can benefit from increased customer acquisition and gain greater profitability.

“We already have a proven track record and now our specializations are proof that we follow Citrix best practices for project analysis, build and support processes.” – Mathias Törnblom, CEO, EnvokeIT

Specializations provide incremental financial rewards for higher levels of technical competency.

“Once the specializations were announced, we made a strategic decision to attain every one as soon as possible. Enhanced pricing protection and back-end margin creates an added incentive for our sales teams, which in turn creates greater focus on selling these products.” – Mark Westling, executive vice president and CTO, Right! Systems, Inc.

Leveling Up!

Remember the clock is ticking – in 2016, partners with multiple specializations will be able to achieve the next medallion level with lower revenue requirements.

“Citrix Specialization strengthens and reinforces our partnership with Citrix.” – Jim Steinlage, CEO, Choice Solutions

Plus, by specializing in more than one technology category, partners can grow to become a Citrix Platinum Specialist.

As we close business in the fourth quarter, don’t leave money on the table! Many of our partners are already seeing the benefits of being a Citrix Specialist.

“Not only are the financial rewards impressive, but the discount allows us to be more competitive in situations where customers have budget constraints.” – Keith Bright, vice president of sales, Advantec Global Services

Citrix Specialist Practicum

Typically, partners pursuing a specialization are only one or two requirements away, with the most common being the Citrix practicum.

We know that our partners are experts and many of you have proved it! The Citrix practicum continues to help build not only customer confidence but also illustrates proven technical knowledge and hands-on competency.

If you have not already completed your practicum requirement, register  today. The last date for taking any Citrix practicum will be December 8, 2015.  The remaining 2015 schedule is listed below.

Citrix Specialist Practicum Schedule Through End of 2015
Citrix Specialist Practicum Schedule Through End of 2015

Step up to Specialist today!

Learn about requirements and benefits by visiting Citrix Specialist and view the new Citrix Partner Incentives deck. As you meet the specialization requirements, track your progress through the Specialist Progress Manager tool.

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