Citrix solutions for education promote independent and exploratory learning of technology. Students, faculty and staff receive on-demand, high-performance access to their apps and data, whether on campus, at home, or on mobile devices.

Citrix makes it possible to deliver these services without compromising security or compliance.

In this context, I am pleased to share ESRI ArcGIS Pro 1.1. This popular app in Education and Manufacturing has been made Citrix Ready for latest versions of XenDesktop and XenApp.


ArcGIS Pro 1.1 delivers a unique experience in working with spatial data on your desktop. It provides tools to visualize, analyze, compile and share your data in both 2D and 3D environments. Users can run ESRI ArcGIS on XenDesktop backed by XenServer and powered by NVIDIA GRID cards (often a typical deployment scenario). The performance team, led by Emily Apsey, from ESRI has written some insightful blog posts about their results on user scalability configured in various NVIDIA vGPU profiles.

You can request more information of ESRI ArcGIS Pro 1.1 or ask for its demo from our marketplace here:

What is Citrix XenDesktop and HDX 3D Pro?

Citrix XenDesktop and HDX 3D pro enable secure, real-time, remote collaboration on design data with stunning performance by centrally hosting 3D apps and data. HDX 3D Pro is the technology behind what makes Citrix so good at delivering graphics-intensive 3D applications with unparalleled focus on user experience.

What does it mean to be Citrix Ready?

Interoperability among pieces of software is often a key factor for customers when making purchase decisions. Citrix Ready verification provides that assurance. For graphically rich Independent Software Vendor (ISV) applications, partners can validate their applications using our self-verification test kit, available at our Citrix Ready Test page to obtain Citrix Ready status. The test kit includes standard interoperability tests and also minimum Frames per Second (FPS) requirements needed for a good user experience. These are published on the Citrix Ready Marketplace which is the one stop platform for customers to browse Citrix Ready verified solutions across Citrix products and partner product categories.

We’d like to hear from you!

As part of the Citrix Ready Technical team, I want to ensure the technical details provided on the Citrix Ready Marketplace is serving our users to the fullest. So, what other technical details in the “Applications” category would you like us to cover? Please provide your feedback on our marketplace by clicking “Give Feedback” and selecting the “Content feedback” option. Your feedback provides the critical input needed to further serve your needs.

If you are a prospect partner and looking to become Citrix Ready to further enable your product reach in Citrix community, just reach us at to help you with next steps.