Since Citrix Workspace Cloud was released to the world on August 20, 2015–and since our follow-on partner and customer event on October 1, 2015–Workspace Cloud has been taking the market by storm.

At its core, Citrix Workspace Cloud is the fastest, simplest, and most flexible way to create and deliver mobile workspace capabilities.

With it, creating and integrating desktops, applications, storage and mobility services is easier than ever.

At Citrix Summit--January 11-13, 2016 in Las Vegas–Citrix partners will have the chance to expand their knowledge in 3 big ways:

  • Understanding capabilities: Sessions to help partners get to know Workspace Cloud’s capabilities and direction. They’ll answer questions like: How can we use it to our best advantage? How can it be used in datacenters and clouds alike? How are services created and integrated? What services are available? What’s coming, down the road? A series of business and technical sessions will cover all the bases.
  • Solution-based selling approaches: Partners can learn about highly effective selling approaches, based on Workspace Cloud technology delivery. By making it possible to deploy of multiple workspaces across multiple locations, clouds and geographies, a there are innumerable new use-case solutions available.
  • Competitive selling: Workspace cloud is capturing markets and minds alike. We’ll be doing our utmost to show partners why Workspace Cloud is built differently – and better – than anything the competition can provide.

Workspace cloud is a great platform for partners because it helps speed service creation, yet provides the flexibility to deploy on any infrastructure or cloud that customers deem best.

And what’s good for the customer is good for the partner.

So, for partners seeking a better understanding of this revolutionary Citrix technology, I recommend you consider attending (any or all of!) the roughly 20 Workspace Cloud related sessions.

For starters, I would recommend (though you can’t go wrong with any of the sessions):

There’ll be lots more deep-dive sessions at Summit, not to mention lots of networking and hands-on learning, too. Make sure you set aside ample time to learn about this revolutionary workspace delivery platform.

Register for Citrix Summit today.

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