ProCirrus Technologies has grown its business by leaps and bounds this year, largely through word-of-mouth referrals from happy customers.

The Vancouver, Washington-based company’s success is built on two pillars: exceptional customer support and the ProZone, its XenApp cloud-hosted desktop that delivers productivity and business apps required by customers in the legal, financial and healthcare sectors. Now, ProCirrus has strengthened its comprehensive offering with ShareFile, an invaluable addition for customers requiring secure document transfer.

ShareFile provides three critical services that our security-sensitive clients demand: safely transmitting large files, sending encrypted email content and having secure access to documents and folders in the cloud,” said Dan LeBaron, chief technology officer.

ProCirrus stores containerized ShareFile data on premises in its three co-located datacenters, which feature exceptional security and compliance.

Our offering allows small to mid-sized professional service firms to cost-effectively achieve enterprise-level security,” he explained. “These days, many firms that provide services to very large companies are expected to maintain the same high level of security and compliance as their clients do.

Emphasis on app delivery for IT security

In addition to their emphasis on security, ProCirrus customers prefer app delivery over a VDI desktop.

This allows for secure access from numerous devices and virtually any location, plus the seamless desktop excels with the use of multiple monitors. XenApp makes it easy to drag apps from one screen to another.

LeBaron said that clients choose ProCirrus for a comprehensive, turnkey solution but remain loyal because of its focus on high-touch service.

Most firms see their support as a cost to minimize or outsource.  We have always seen our end-user support as our marketing plan.  Due to this, we have focused on associates who bring strong interpersonal and communication skills and just happen to love technology.

We’re still nerds, but nerds you can talk to.

Golden Citrix Service Provider strategy: customer retention rate near 100%

This strategy is clearly effective: although customers pay month to month, the company’s retention rate is nearly 100 percent.

As a four-year Citrix Service Provider, ProCirrus has benefited from easy access to Citrix engineers, product managers and other experts.

“We appreciate the opportunity to learn about the technology roadmap,” he said. “Currently, we’re looking at CloudPortal and CloudPlatform, and updating to the latest release of XenApp.” ProCirrus also relies on XenMobile MDM for mobile device management.

Citrix technology plays a very important role in our hosted offering. We see real value in the reliability and functionality of Citrix solutions. Reliable products, together with a great partnership, are the key to our success.

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