Citrix was one of the first vendors to collaborate with Cisco on providing a comprehensive suite of integrated network services for ACI with NetScaler.

On October 20th, we released the newest device package for Cisco ACI: Version

NetScaler’s existing device package already supports several of the core NetScaler ADC functionalities (12 to be exact), so what’s new in this release? New default profiles and improved routing support in APIC.

Default Profiles and New Function Profiles

The following new function profiles are supported with the latest Device Package:

  • CS-SSL

This release also includes support for Default profiles/templates like LB-HTTP-Two-Arm-Profile that can be created for common deployments and customized when deployed.

NetScaler Cisco Load Balancing

IPv6 and Routing Support

Routing protocols like OSPFv2 (IPv4), OSPFv3 (IPv6), iBGP, eBGP (IPv4 and IPv6), static routes and IPv6 application traffic can now be configured on NetScaler using APIC. All the profiles ending with “RHI” in the APIC help in exposing the RHI on NetScaler to APIC. This allows for tighter integration between NetScaler and APIC; further enhancing the automation framework within the datacenter.

NetScaler Cisco

The latest Device Package can be downloaded here.