Almost 3 years ago, my first son was born and I blogged about how Citrix and XenMobile (what was known as Cloud Gateway at the time) helped me be more flexible with my work/life balance.
With the birth of my second son 2 months ago, I began thinking about how the product has evolved since then. It is both easier for me to get my job done from almost anywhere (I started drafting this blog at 35,000 feet on my way from FTL to SFO using WorxNotes), as well as making me more productive.

Our concept of work has remained consistent: Work is not a place, it’s something you do.

XenMobile gives:

  • Users the ability to work from anywhere providing them secure access to their company applications and data
  • Companies the knowledge that this is conducted in a secure way
What has changed is the growing suite of apps now offered as part of our Worx suite as well as the much improved infrastructure and security features of the product.
I could list out the various features and go through all the apps but I would like to focus on some of the real use cases that I encounter in my daily life and show how XenMobile truly helps me be more productive while at the same time improve my work/life balance.


The app I use nearly every hour of the day that I’m not sleeping, whether it’s a brief glance to check if anything pressing has come up, a response to an urgent email while I’m out and about or my early morning triage of my inbox, is WorxMail. WorxMail gives me secure access to my corporate email, calendar and contacts at the touch of my thumb.
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I regularly help out with a bottle feed of #2 in the early hours and while he’s feeding I’m able to clean up some of the noise in my inbox using the triage view built into the app, which allows me to choose various actions on every email with a simple swipe in a given direction.
I’m looking forward to seeing how we integrate with 3D Touch to make this even better!
I drop #1 off at school 3 days per week and on 2 of those days I have 9am calls scheduled–right after his drop-off time. The fast-join feature in the calendar allows me to dial-in to a meeting on my drive into the office with just one touch. No dialing of a phone number or remembering that meeting ID!

One of the recent additions to the app is the ability to check the availability of co-workers you’re inviting to a meeting.

While creating a meeting in WorxMail is not new, the availability feature ensures those invited are available at the time you schedule the call and if they’re not, it provides insight into when the best time would be to host with those participants you wish to invite.

I love this feature, as it allows me to schedule a meeting from where ever I am knowing that the people I need in the meeting are available!

File Nov 04, 15 05 15File Nov 04, 15 05 26


How many times do you receive intranet links in an email? Unless you’re using a VPN, the chances are you’ll get the dreaded “page not found” message upon flipping to your browser.

Last week, I was getting an oil service on my car and during this time had received an email notification from our JIRA system, informing me that one of our technical writers was asking for clarification on a requirement for an upcoming release. I was able to click the link and respond to the question in JIRA quickly and efficiently using WorxWeb. A couple of years back this response would have been delayed until I was back in front of my computer.


Until recently, I was still using Evernote for almost all of my note-taking as I need to create and access my notes on my Desktop and laptop devices, not just my phone and tablet. With the launch of WorxNotes for Web, I’m using WorxNotes more and more for work related content.

ShareFile and QuickEdit

I don’t want these apps to be undervalued, as they play an important role in The Solution (that felt, to me, like it should be capitalized). I store all my work-related files in my ShareFile account and while I largely use the Desktop Sync versions, I often need to leverage the mobile apps.

There are often times where I’ve just left the office, am walking to my car and have forgotten to send a certain document or slide deck. Fortunately, I’m able to send the file directly from ShareFile or WorxMail (using the attach from ShareFile feature) to save having to walk back up to my desk and preventing further delay for that file getting circulated for review.

Another part of my role is providing status updates to projects in play to various audiences and the number of times I get requested to update “this slide” or “that slide” can be frustrating at times, especially when I’m out and about.

So, it’s QuickEdit to the rescue! From WorxMail, I can open an attachment in QuickEdit, do exactly what the app says and quickly edit a file and send it back with my update.

File Nov 04, 15 17 06

Productivity is driven by the experience and the experience provided by XenMobile truly does make me more productive.

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