In today’s world, it is difficult to manage and maintain internal infrastructure as per customer’s business requirements. Also traction for the cloud usage is increasing with each passing day.

Organizations have been turning to cloud infrastructure in an effort to cut IT costs and capitalize on technology innovations.  As companies start moving their production load Bench Mark resultson cloud, Public clouds are not able to scale (performance and higher IO rate) per the demand all the time and this leads to the more demand for the BareMetal servers for hosting dedicated server for their production load.

Note: the sample image above was taken from third party  benchmark results, which tells about performance in between bare metal and virtual server IO performance)

Now, most of the enterprise companies turning to dedicated servers like BareMetal Server from the shared clouds for the benefit of better performance, higher I/O throughput and no virtualization overhead.

For many companies, pricing is the big factor in allocating and deciding the budget to meet their requirements. As with virtualization clouds, most of the money got wasted on Hypervisor licenses whereas in BareMetal there is no hypervisor and you only pay for the hardware that you use.

A Recent research report says “BareMetal provisioning is best option for production environments” after comparing prices as well benefits in long run.

In the current cloud era, as most of the companies CTO’s start thinking on usage of bare-metal clouds and their maintenance. Better apps, like Citrix’s CloudPlatform, will come into the picture. Using CloudPlatform BareMetal support, IT admins can simplify the configuration and installation of their operating systems and their business apps on dedicated clouds without any errors.

CloudPlatform is the only cloud orchestration platform that enables you to quickly and efficiently build a future-proofed cloud and recent addition of bare metal support in CloudPlatform will enable the customers to single view console for creating and maintain both virtual and bare-metal clouds.  This makes the Datacenter admin job so easy that once you upload the required template in the cloud, you can install image on your infrastructure from anywhere.  This eliminates manual intervention, User mistakes and gets 100% accuracy all the times, because it automates entire deployment and configuration lifecycle of your infrastructure.

How do I use bare-metal in Cloud Platform?

Well, You should not  be an expert in bare metal  concepts to use, configure and maintain bare-metal clouds using cloudplatform, you just need to  add  bare metal  OS  templates ,switch configuration  and  bare metal host details as per the documentation  and rest of the work will be taken care by CloudPlatform.

Cloud platform will prepare DHCP and PXE server as per entered details and automatically configures the vlan on the physical switches. So no manual intervention required .Just need to follow 3 simple steps prepare-register-deploy with few clicks and your bare metal cloud is ready with required software or update

Architecture Flow:


Where do I found the documentation on cloud platform bare metal?

Please refer to the link below to get more information:

Finally, with CloudPlatform BareMetal support, we are not only benefitting from BareMetal features, but also getting advantage of networking features (Load balancing, Port Forwarding, VPN, Firewall and Source NAT). Customers are getting the benefits of both virtual and BareMetal clouds using CloudPlatform BareMetal Support.