There is a huge interest in software-defined networking (SDN) within enterprise IT.

One of the first places that SDN is proving valuable is with the enterprise-wide area network (WAN); so much so that the term of SD-WAN was coined to refer to this important segment of software-defined networking.

SD-WAN is more than just a new acronym, but rather it is a recent networking concept full of innovation and investment. Why? Because the workplace of today has evolved such that enterprises are relying upon a wide array of mission-critical applications, delivered from the data center or Internet, that help them run their more businesses efficiently, while also maintaining tight control over data security.

As a result, new approach, wide-area network design and operation that provides cost-efficient, reliable, secure, and effective application delivery is needed.

ONUGONUG Citrix recognizes the Open Networking User Group ONUG (Open Networking User Group) as the leading forum that is shaping the software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) requirements for large enterprises. To that end, Citrix is participating in the ONUG Fall 2015 Conference in New York, which helps IT business leaders understand the business value of deploying SDN technologies, including implementing SD-WAN, within a software-defined architecture. ONUG also challenges vendors to address interoperability, programmability, and other challenges so that enterprise IT can realize more benefits from an SD-WAN deployment.

During the conference, Citrix will demonstrate the following capabilities:

  • WAN virtualization (CloudBridge Virtual WAN) and WAN optimization (CloudBridge) working together, along with ;
  • Secure Internet access breakout through interoperability with the ZScaler Security-as-a-Service Offering.
  • Interoperability with Glue Networks for real-time provisioning and configuration in a multi-vendor environment.

While offering a comprehensive, end-to-end solution, Citrix also supports enterprise customers who wish to maintain a multi-vendor environment and actively collaborates with partners to provide added support for CloudBridge. Yesterday, Glue Networks announced its plan to support multi-vendor orchestration for real-time configuration changes to software-defined WAN environments, which includes the CloudBridge platform from Citrix.

Beyond SD-WAN, ONUG also champions the needs of enterprise IT in the larger context of software-defined networking (SDN), and Citrix will be participating in the larger SDN discussion as well to highlight the innovations in SDN that the Citrix NetScaler platform offers.

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