There are a few interesting things happening in the Citrix world I believe are worth sharing with the Community

(Parts 1 and 2 can be found here and here)

We released XA/XD 7.6 Feature Pack 3 about a month ago. I normally don’t get too excited about FPs, but we slipped something into FP3 that is a real game-changer – a completely new version of Thinwire (“Thinwire Plus”) that is designed for “non-legacy” platforms (such as Win8/2012+).

What does this mean?  If you’re thinking about moving to 7.6 on one of these newer MSFT platforms and scalability is important to you, I’d recommend turning on TW+ vs. the default H.264 codec.  I think it provides the best balance between UX and CPU & bw consumption.  So many good resources on this topic, but maybe start here, here and here.

Somewhat related to the TW+, Marcel Calef authored a great whitepaper that explains what each Citrix policy template does. For example, did you know that “High Server Scalability” and “Optimized for WAN” enable TW+ and “High Definition User Experience” leaves the default H.264 codec enabled?  This is a must read if you’re even remotely still confused about the various codecs we offer.

Our Linux dev guys have been killing it lately. They shipped version 1.1 a couple weeks ago, Jeff Muir wrote an informative article on PTA/SSO and the whole team is cranking out some top-notch articles.

Remember Project VRC and the awesome whitepapers they wrote a few years back? Well, that same crew of characters are back, but this time with a few other industry experts. I’m happy to announce I’m part of this virtual team (which we’re calling Team VRC) and my former colleague, Dan Allen, and I authored one of the first articles. We were basically looking at how simple web browsing can crush scalability (results are pretty shocking).

Related to TW+, web browsing and bandwidth, did everyone catch what we slipped into the last FP and VDA? An experimental 8-bit graphics mode that is perfect for those ultra-low bandwidth scenarios. If you’ve played with TW+ already, you know how good it does over the WAN already in terms of bandwidth consumption. Well, with this 8-bit mode we can reduce bandwidth by another 50% if you desperately need it. Pretty awesome stuff and I’d like to give a shout-out again to MuhammadD – fantastic work.

Maybe if I publicly provide some resources on Office 365 and Citrix integration, people will stop asking me about it? One can hope. 😉 Here is the official deployment guide.  And yes, we can do this and MSFT will support redirected OSTs and we have been doing this actually for years with PSTs believe it or not. It does work if you meet MSFT’s reqs and size things correctly, but does that mean you should deploy O365 “on Citrix”?

Does that mean UX/performance is going to be acceptable for your users? Unless all of your data is in the cloud, I think that violates “Citrix Rule #1” (apps follow the data – thanks for reminding us, Mr. Feller) and the performance may be sub-optimal.  So please think twice before you go down this path.

Hopefully old news for most, but did you know we added support for push-based notifications via APNS in the latest version of WorxMail? Everyone likes email faster (and here is a step-by-step guide to implementing this).  And everyone loves Touch ID, so we also added support for that on iOS in terms of auth for Worx apps.  Can’t get it working?  You need to remember to add a new client property key that corresponds to “Enable Touch ID Authentication” (doco here).

Development continues on the Sanbolic front – Melio 6 introduces ISA or Independent Storage Architecture, which is our patent-pending storage protocol. Read more here and here.

I am really digging Ruben’s Top 10’s now that he’s the Atlantis CTO (Sept here) – lots of goodies to check out every month.

Finally, apparently you can’t publish anything these days without talking about the Dell/EMC mega-merger. I personally loved the Virtustream announcement since I’ve been looking up at VMW’s stock price since I started at Citrix over a decade ago. 😉 But it’s always fun to hear the latest speculation about who will acquire Citrix “next”. Brian wrote an article last week saying it was time for MSFT to finally step in once and for all.  But I actually agreed more with some of the commenters who had other opinions/thoughts/speculation.

One comment was so good that Brian actually re-published it this week.  And while “AppDetective” is sometimes borderline insane, I agree with probably 5 or 6 of the 8 points outlined.  Which 2 or 3 do I disagree with?  If only I could say…but that article is worth a read and it’s always fun to think about the future.

I hope you enjoy this latest batch of bed-time reading material … until next time.


Nick Rintalan, Lead Architect & Director – Americas, Citrix Consulting Services (CCS)