In the immortal words of Chaka Kahn, “Pack’d my bags, put ‘em by the door.”

Now, I may not be a Spinal Tap caliber “rock star,” but I can pretend and Microsoft is helping that fantasy come true. With the launch of Windows 10 Microsoft invited some of their most strategic partners to join them on the road, at several Windows 10 launch events. This is a multi-city tour over the next two months across the US and next year skips the pond and heads to Europe.

The tour is being billed as ‘Ignite Your Business’ and is designed to give IT Decision-Makers and IT Pros a deep dive into Windows 10 and Office. The sessions will provide 300-level content around the new features and functions of Security, Manageability, Productivity, and new Innovative Devices. Please join us for a day full of demos, discussion, networking, and hands-on experiences. This is the event that will help you future-proof your skills! Learn more here.

We are sending some of our best and brightest to support each of these events in cities like Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas, and New York (to name but a few). The full list of shows and dates is available here. I am, personally, dead stoked (read: very excited) to present at several of the dates and discuss the Citrix 3 Steps to Windows 10 Support and Migration.

As I have blogged and presented before, the Citrix Receiver for Windows 10 was available one full month before Windows 10 itself was available. This means that on Day 1, when employees upgraded their own devices to Windows 10 (for free), they could continue to be business productive by launching corporate-supported apps and desktops through Receiver. No disruption to the business!

Secondly, when Corporate IT does start their own app migration project, they should turn to AppDNA. We released AppDNA for Windows 10 and the new Edge browser to enable IT departments to accelerate app lifecycle management projects by up to 90%. No more manual testing each app against Windows 10 like you did in Windows 7. And, when an update to an app comes out, a quick run through by AppDNA will help keep you off the evening news.

Also, when Enterprises DO look to their own roll out of Windows 10, they will inevitably have a discussion about whether to do it physically or virtually. Windows 10 presents a great opportunity to explore the benefits of a VDI rollout for ease and centralization of management of your Windows 10 images. And of course, being the strategic partner to Microsoft that we are, we released the Virtual Delivery Agent for Windows 10 to accelerate this transition.

But it doesn’t end there. This road show of Windows 10 launch events is like a reunion of some of the most strategic partnerships in the industry. Not just Citrix and Microsoft either. For example, our joint partner Intel is also rocking these events.

Together Citrix, Microsoft and Intel make up the rhythm section of a security, performance and scalability group. And because you made it this far into my blog I am going to give you an insider’s tip. Intel and Citrix are soon releasing a solutions brief on Windows 10 and the three pillars I just mentioned. Shhh. Don’t tell Steve Sieron I let that slip out.

So, I hope you can join me and the team at one of these events over the next couple of months. We’ll have great in depth info, really innovative Intel Architecture based devices at the device bar and of course fun and cocktails after hours. Cheers!