Today’s businesses are trying to quickly meet customers’ evolving needs with larger and more comprehensive solutions.

The rapidly evolving IT landscape and emerging business trends including cloud and mobility require greater focus on productivity, customer delight and staying ahead of technological changes. More than ever, customers seek value-added guidance from partners paired with a solution-oriented approach.

That’s why Citrix continues to strategically build our channel programs and partners like EnvokeIT are reaping the rewards.

Heavy investment in Citrix training and certifications is paying off for EnvokeIT, a Gold Citrix Solution Advisor based in Kista, Sweden.

They’ve earned Specialist designation in Virtualization and Networking for Apps and Mobile Security to reinforce their Citrix capabilities with large enterprises—its core customers—and expand into the mid-market.

For example, EnvokeIT leveraged its virtualization skills to win a project with a mid-size customer—an auto dealer with 430 users, multiple locations and an old, very traditional IT infrastructure.

CEO Mathias Törnblom said, “In just 13 weeks, we moved them to XenDesktop and consolidated all physical servers (four racks) down to six U. The endpoints became thin clients. The customer saved 1 million krona ($120,000 US) on licensing and, with the highly automated, centralized system, the IT team has cut administration time by 70 percent.”

EnvokeIT also believes Citrix specialization will help win business in London, where it has established a small branch to take advantage of new opportunities.

Specializations are enhancing the conversations we have with our customers, both net-new and current,” he said.

We already have a proven track record and now our specializations are proof that we follow Citrix best practices for project analysis, build and support processes.

Citrix Service Provider with a difference

In an interesting twist, EnvokeIT also became a Citrix Service Provider, but not to offer its own hosted services. Instead, the company assists other partners by building infrastructure for them.

“We took what we have learned working with the largest enterprises, combined it with CSP knowledge and skills and it’s like rocket fuel. If a service provider wishes to offer a DaaS/VDI service, we have the know-how to build it without competing with their business.”

The CEO noted that many Citrix Service Providers prefer to use outside experts in Citrix technology, rather than increasing overhead by hiring their own specialists.

Higher confidence, higher rewards

Specialization has made a positive impact on EnvokeIT’s staff, beginning with increased margins for sales to work with, which is “awesome” according to Törnblom. The company’s consultants who completed eLearning courses have gained confidence and better tools to work with.

Large enterprise customers for which EnvokeIT provides ongoing consulting and operations services appreciate the fact that the partner is continuing to build its technical expertise in Citrix solutions.

Plus, specialization and Citrix Service Provider status “demonstrate to our focus partner, Citrix, that we are investing in the relationship so we can deliver the market’s best solutions,” Törnblom concluded.

Step up to Specialist

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