NRG Global is known to make testing Citrix applications easier with its user-friendly and highly affordable suite of testing tools that ensures the readiness of all Citrix applications. Their user-centric, protocol-independent load testing, application performance monitoring, and automated continuous testing tools empower companies to optimize the performance, reliability and quality of all their business applications and IT systems.

In our upcoming webinar, part of our Citrix Ready Technical webinar series, we invite NRG Global to show exactly how you can use a continuous testing strategy to incorporate any changes into your Citrix environment quickly and with confidence.

We know that:

  • Your organization relies on you to keep their applications safe by applying security patches and up to date by implementing the latest upgrades.
  • Your organization also relies on you to ensure these changes don’t break any important processes.

Find out how automated continuous testing will make this seamless and easy.  

We also have a guest – Elizabeth Case, Senior IT System Analyst from Consumers Energy – who will tell us how her organization was able to both expand the scope of their testing and streamline the testing processes for rolling out their latest Citrix applications with greater confidence.

Date: Wednesday, 4th November, 2015
Time: 9 AM to 10 AM PDT