Citrix Octoblu recently worked with IBM to IoT-enable this LocalMotors 3D-printed car for the IBM Insight conference! We installed our Meshblu IoT mobile mesh networking platform on an Intel Edison and used the GPIO (general purpose input/output) pins on a Raspberry Pi to control the headlights, hazard lights, underglow, and instrument gauges via the Internet.

3D Printed Car

IBM NodeRED with Octoblu Meshblu

While we could have easily used the Octoblu visual designer to build and control the automations, we added a Meshblu node to IBM’s NodeRED designer.  This new Meshblu node allows any NodeRED automation to send and receive messages to/from Octoblu-connected devices.  It also allows any Octoblu automation to invoke NodeRED automations on demand by simply sending an Octoblu message to a Meshblu UUID wired in the NodeRED flow!

Octoblu Edison and RaspberryPi

For more information on the Octoblu-powered IBM IoTAuto, checkout our previous blog post.  To get started using Octoblu today, register here!

Here’s a video of the result!