Problem: To Use NS ADC functionality Admin has to provision NS VPX in DataCenter and then add to CloudPlatform to provide ADC services to CloudPlatform guest network.

With this functionality CloudPlatform will take care of provision NS VPX in its own Compute Fleet and provide ADC services to guest networks.

Step 1: Configure NCC in CloudPlatform. Refer  NCC-CCP Configuration  to do the same

Step 2: Register NS VPX Image in CloudPlatform. Register NS VPX VHD (XenServer VHD) in CloudPlatform and choose Hypervisor as “XenServer” and Guest OS as “other 64-bit”.

Step 3: Create Service Offering with min 2GB ram and Min 2 CPU cores.

Step 4: Configuring Image in NetScaler Control Center:

Go to System->Under Cloud Settings-> Select Deployment Settings.

NetScaler Control Center will retrieve the NS VPX Images from CloudPlatform and will show in the List. Select the appropriate NS VPX Image.

Provide the NS License codes in the provided box so that NetScaler Devices can be activated with license.


Step 5: In NCC, Create Service Package with details and select “Auto Provision” option.

Step 6:  Publish the Service Package to CloudPlatform


Step 7: Go to CloudPlatform, click Services-> choose Network Offerings. Create Network Offering, choosing Load Balancing Service with “NetScaler” as Service Provider. In the service packages, choose the “Auto Provision” service package created in the above steps. Save and Enable the Network Offering.

Step 8: Go to Networks->create guest network. This will allocate a guest network for the user. Now got to Instances and create an Instance and choose the above guest network and deploy the virtual machine.

Step 9: The guest network will get implemented with NetScaler Control Center, As the Service Package is with “Auto Provision” option, NetScaler Control Center will send deploy NS VPX call to  CloudPlatform with the template and service offering details associated to the Service Package.

How to View/Access/Manage LifeCycle NS VPX’s deployed in CloudPlatform:


Click on Infrastructure, check the NetScaler Appliances box. This will show the number of NS VPXs running the CloudPlatform.


Manage LifeCycle:

Admin can stop, start or destroy the NS VPX’s from the infrastructure section. Only Admin can do these operations on the NS VPX or NetScaler Control Center can execute the API calls with Admin privileges.


Access to NetScaler Devices:

Admin can access the NetScaler device UI via the Management IP configured by the CloudPlatform. Select the NS VPX and check the NIC details. Get the Management IP / NetScaler IP of the VPX from the NIC 1. Use the IP to login to the web access to the NS VPX.


Advantages / Benefits of this Features:

  1. Admin can get rid of provisioning/managing NS VPX device externally
  2. NetScaler License management to the Auto Provisioned devices will be managed by NetScaler Control Center.
  3. Admin has the flexibility to provision any version of NetScaler for Testing, validation of functionality or services.
  4. Cloud Platform will manage the lifecycle of the Auto Provisioned VPX in Compute Fleet.
  5. Cloud Platform will provision the NetScaler VPX with NS IP from the pod in which it is deployed.
  6. Admin will get access to all the NetScaler  VPX in the datacenter from CloudPlatform which are Auto Provisioned