EMA Radar ™ recently published a report on the Software Defined Storage (SDS) landscape. SDS is described as a new technology that targets meeting the requirements of data creation, use storage and management while controlling costs: “SDS aims at making storage application-aware, enabling server administrators, application managers, and developers to provision storage in a policy-driven, automated self-service manner.”

Citrix Melio for XenApp and XenDesktop abstracts the data from the underlying infrastructure and creates a highly available and flexible storage pool for workloads and data. EMA validates this description, defining SDS, “like server and network virtualization, storage virtualization abstracts the physical infrastructure into logical resources by utilizing intelligent software. Where SDS extends beyond basic storage virtualization is its ability to deliver a consistent set of services across all storage by utilizing the underlying storage infrastructure.”

Beyond Citrix, the EMA Radar ™ report includes software-defined storage products offered by Atlantis, Datacore, EMC, HP, IBM, Nexenta, Symantec, and VMware. The report focuses on what they call, “core capabilities needed to deliver SDS throughout the entire enterprise.” The evaluation of solutions was based on deep and thorough analysis of functionality, cost advantage, deployment, and administration.

Citrix differentiates its position through Citrix Melio, its data and storage virtualization software. According to the EMA Radar ™ Report, Citrix is one of the Value Leaders as it, “enables capacity and services to be provisioned independent of storage hardware. Citrix Melio provides a rich set of basic and advanced storage services, including thin client, QOS, snapshot copy, auto-tiering, and asynchronous replication. These services are available to any SAN or server-attached storage.”

“Best VDI Integration” award goes to Citrix

“Although a software-defined storage solution should first and foremost be able to address an enterprise-wide storage landscape, the ability to target individual applications with preconfigured appliances can enable individual applications to be brought into production more quickly. Citrix is using the Melio software-defined storage software packaged with Citrix XenDesktop software and third-party hardware to bring a VDI appliance that takes the pain and much of the risk out of virtual desktop deployments.” For the full report go to http://www.enterprisemanagement.com/research/asset-free.php/3029/pre/EMA-Radar-for-Software-defined-Storage:-Q2-2015-pre

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