Debate over the pros and cons of IT outsourcing by Switzerland’s communities, towns and energy providers comes up every three to four years, according to OBT AG, a Citrix Service Provider located in St. Gallen.

“The public authorities wonder if changing from local to cloud IT infrastructure is financially worthwhile. Issues such as data security in the cloud versus the challenges of operating and updating complex in-house environments are some of the considerations,” said Michael Ammann, business unit manager.

OBT has much success under their belt in convincing public authorities in the German-speaking area of Switzerland—as well as many other types of customers—that their cloud hosting services are a better alternative than a costly in-house IT infrastructure. Their experience in supporting the growing demand for secure mobile working is often a deciding factor.

The “OBT Swiss Cloud” is the partner’s standard services offering, although OBT does also provide custom solutions.

The OBT Swiss Cloud, built on XenDesktop, XenApp and NetScaler, delivers the complete Microsoft Office suite as well as specific applications from NEST and Abacus used by public authorities and energy providers.

Rapid shift from local IT infrastructures to cloud hosting

“Five years ago, practically no one was asking for a cloud solution.”

But in the last three years the demand for cloud solutions has been constantly increasing. Customers don’t want the responsibility of operating and managing IT.

“We noted this trend and built our datacenters to address it. We made the right decision. Today, the demand for cloud services is higher than for in-house IT solutions,” Ammann said,

He noted that growth in the public sector is strong and OBT is focused on this area.

Its next target? Small and mid-size businesses.

Marketing activities to promote its OBT Swiss Cloud brand in the SMB market are already in the works as they prepare to tap into the lucrative market.

OBT takes advantage of Citrix training on an ongoing basis.

Another secret of the service provider’s success? Ongoing training.

“Our system engineers, in particular, improve their professional skills by regularly taking courses provided by Citrix and its distributors, and by consulting knowledge bases. OBT also creates test environments. For us, it is very important that our engineers who run big server farms have sound professional expertise and gain the benefits of using a powerful network.”

OBT is poised for growth by solidifying their position in existing public sector markets and marketing actively to tap into the wide-open SMB market, backed by core Citrix technology and an ongoing investment in training for consistently exceptional customer experience.

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