What if you could empower oilfield operations teams and support data compliance standards with a single tool? What if you could provide real-time access to oil well records like pressure logs, information about mineral rights, or about seismic data in a central place for your rig workers? What if you could give mobile access to safety checklists and incident information?

With Citrix ShareFile, you can.

Energy, oil and gas companies are, more and more, turning to technology solutions like Citrix ShareFile to help them transform their field operations by improving communication, increasing efficiency and most importantly, providing real-time access. In this post, hear directly from energy, oil, and gas customers about how Citrix ShareFile has helped transform field operations by improving communication, efficiency and security of field operations.

This industry faces unique day-to-day challenges, including:

  • No field-based, real-time access to essential pump, well, or project information
  • Dispersed workforce that has limited internet availability and no easy way of accessing, sharing and collaborating with others
  • Extensive use of multiple devices in the course of a project, from ruggedized handheld devices to powerful workstations
  • The need to provide internal and external stakeholders with project status reports from the field, which leads to the use of personal file sharing services that are not sanctioned by IT, exposing company data in an insecure manner.

Don’t believe us? Hear directly from energy, oil, and gas customers about how Citrix ShareFile has helped transform their companies.

Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) was formed in 1980 as an umbrella group to manage Kuwait’s diversified oil interests. KPC is involved in every aspect of the oil and gas industry from the discovery of new reservoirs to the delivery of clean and safe fuel for motor vehicles, airplanes, ships, agriculture and power stations. Prior to the deployment of ShareFile, KPC employees used a variety of freeware cloud sharing products for collaboration, possibly putting company confidential data at risk in in uncontrolled public cloud environments. KPC now uses ShareFile to ensure secure access and sharing of files from its own private cloud.

Forum Energy Technologies (FET), a global oil field products company serving the subsea, drilling, completion, production and infrastructure segments of the oil and gas industry, uses ShareFile to support their contractor bidding process by loading RFPs into ShareFile to be accessed by all members of the team, eliminating the need to forward emails around the company. The FET legal, procurement, and IT teams can track RFP activity to see who has shared the file, to whom, and when. And when the bidding process is complete, access to old RFPs can be terminated.

Louisville Gas and Electric Company and Kentucky Utilities Corporation (LG&E and KU) uses ShareFile as part of its complete mobility solution. LG&E and KU chose to use ShareFile to manage data on mobile devices, and is using Citrix XenMobile to securely manage mobile applications and devices. Because of the integration between XenMobile and ShareFile, LG&E workers can leave the command center and pull their session over to their mobile devices for secure real-time access in the field.

Users can now leave the command center and effortlessly pull their session over to their mobile devices for secure real-time access in the field.”- Jason Adwell, LG&E and KU, Senior IT Systems Engineer.

From the solutions we investigated, only Citrix ShareFile offered the data sharing, storage and sync service we needed.  A key analyst rated it a strong positive which meant it was a strong candidate for us to investigate.” – Qais Al Doub, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, Senior Systems Analyst.

Oil and gas companies aren’t the only energy organizations making good use of Citrix ShareFile.

Enerparc offers engineering, procurement, and construction services for managers of large-scale solar power projects. They use ShareFile to share and collaborate on large CAD files and blueprints.

Exelon Corporation, which runs the largest fleet of nuclear power plants in the United States, uses ShareFile and XenMobile to support mobility projects not only with field workers, but also with office and power plant workers. Exelon has digitized information that formerly existed on paper and now workers access invoices and other files in ShareFile.

Energy, oil, and gas customers are using Citrix ShareFile to gain:

  • Real-time mobile access to critical information
  • Mobile, self-service access to files from the field
  • Remote collaboration and sharing of information
  • Control over distribution of up-to-date standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Increased mobile productivity and responsiveness

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