What I like to call the application delivery continuum (pictured below) is a simplistic view of the “components” I think will make up the enterprise landscape in the future. We will continue to have physical devices, windows apps, virtual desktops, but what next?


As the complexities of these future environments grow, we must rethink the ways in which we address issues like security and identity. Security postures must become more intelligent, more aware of context, more adaptive. It’s no longer sufficient to simply secure the device, we must secure the transactions.

Over time, the way we think about identity will also evolve. No longer will “Christian” with a password be considered a solution for identity. Identity will span people and devices. We will need the ability to secure identity and access across the wide variety of enterprises and Internet resources from any device, any service and any source.

As I explained in my most recent blog, our strategy at Citrix is to offer solutions that can address these challenges at the pace of business for every customer. As a result, they can continue to realize the benefits from existing investments, but gain flexibility and choice along their individual business transformation journeys.

I expect us to continue to earn that trust as we help customers “ride the dragon” and remain steadfast in our commitment to providing services focused on Experience, Security and Flexibility – along with an unwavering dedication to Innovation, Imagination and Inspiration.