We’ve all had “that person” in an organization. The one who risks business security, who downloads information to personal accounts, who disregards IT policy and tries to save everything on a local device. So far in my career across diverse companies, I’ve worked with people who had these real incidents:

  • the CEO who dropped his mobile phone in the ocean during the company’s sales club trip to the Caribbean.
  • the sales manager who left her laptop at airport security — and flew across the country without it.
  • the engineering lead who lost his corporate phone in a New Orleans taxi during Microsoft TechEd.
  • the marketer who used a personal Dropbox account to share sales report data with his team – then left the company for a competitor.

Do these stories remind you of anyone from your career?

It is a headache for corporate IT to secure data and devices from what some say is the greatest risk to an organization: our own employees.

What if IT could deliver secure access to apps, desktops, data and services from any device – and have the power to both prevent and immediately address any issues from “that person” situations? Well, good news! Enterprises are quickly adopting Citrix Workspace Suite for a variety of reasons—and security is at the top of the list.

Citrix Workspace Suite: Security, Compliance and IT Control for “That Person” Situations

Citrix Workspace Suite delivers secure access to apps and data from any device. Optimized to meet the performance, security and mobility requirements of each employee, Citrix Workspace Suite helps organizations deliver a savvy end user experience that also has security and control in mind.

Citrix Workspace Suite

Employees enjoy instant access to personalized desktops, mobile, web and Windows apps, data and services. IT enjoys the peace of mind that comes from strong security to ensure apps and data are compliant and secure.

With flexibility for on-premises, cloud or hybrid approaches to delivery, Citrix Workspace Suite is quickly becoming the offering of choices for enterprises looking to provide solid user productivity and enterprise security. With Citrix Workspace Suite, organizations can minimize loss of intellectual property and sensitive private information through centralization of applications and desktops, which keeps all data in the datacenter.

Plus, IT can add features such as data encryption, password authentication, secure lock and wipe, inter-app policies and micro VPNs to mobile apps to further secure data on the device.

Driving Business Security Before “That Person” Creates a Challenge

Citrix Workspace Suite makes it easier for IT to deal with “that person” before they become a risk to the business. So, when adopting this solution, the challenges above can be alleviated.

  • The CEO can pick up a new phone in the Caribbean and reestablish all of his old apps by instantly downloading apps from an app store, including his secure email, data sharing and secure browsing — and with no IT work. The old phone (if it survives salt water) can be remotely wiped of any secure data and the company’s confidential strategy is safe.
  • The sales manager can take her tablet out of her carry-on bag and pickup her work where she left off. Her sales presentation, CRM access and secure intranet access are all available on her tablet, phone or smartwatch. Her important client presentation will continue without incident. Because the sales manager was using her virtual desktop as her primary work access, there was no data on the laptop itself. Plus, she can pick up where she left off – her access to sales data, customer names and confidential selling strategy is secure in her virtual desktop, not stored on her laptop’s hard drive. From anywhere, on any device, she can close the sale without a concern about the laptop left at security.
  • With a quick call to IT, the engineering lead’s corporate phone is remotely wiped of any business data. With Citrix Workspace Suite, IT can secure, control and enable mobile devices and apps with mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM) and enterprise-grade productivity apps. Whoever finds his phone in the taxi won’t learn details of the company’s next development project.
  • When the marketing guy leaves the company, IT can automatically deactivate his access to secure shared files with just a Microsoft Active Directory status change. Citrix Workspace Suite lets IT controls how sensitive data is stored, accessed and shared – so secure confidential business information stays secure.

Citrix Workspace Suite: Solving IT Business Security Headaches

Citrix Workspace Suite lets IT empower mobile workers with the access they need to work, while also embracing business security to deal with “that person” incidents. Learn more about Citrix Workspace Suite by visiting citrix.com/workspacesuite to discover how to provide secure access to apps, desktops, data and services from any device, over any network.