This blog post walks you through the Automated XenDesktop deployment on CloudPlatform using Citrix Lifecycle Management.


  • Install and configure Windows 2012 or Windows 2012 R2 64 bit Sysprep VM template with Remote Desktop enabled
  • Configure user account resource limits such as IP Address, Volume, Primary Storage and VM Instances)
  • Use a VM with the CLM agent installed on it as connector. This applies for a private cloud powered by Citrix CloudPlatform

Detailed Instructions:

Step 1: Obtain CloudPlatform user API key and Secret Key

Step 2 : From the Citrix Lifecycle Management UI, click “Resources and Settings” to add your existing Citrix CloudPlatform as the Resource Location in CLM with API and Secret Key.


Step 3 : Click “Design & Deploy”. Point to the “XenApp and XenDesktop Proof of Concept” and select Actions > Deploy


Step 4 : Choose your Citrix CloudPlatform Resource location


Step 5: Select “Create new VMs “ and choose CloudPlatform Resource Location


Step 6:   Select the zone


Step 7:  Select the Windows Template needed for XenDesktop POC BluePrint deployment


Step 8:  Select the following: a) Service Offering b) Network  c) Disk Offering


Step 9: Specify the credentials for the selected Windows Template


Step 10: Configure Active Directory and VDA Instances

Step 11: Save the deployment profile and Click “Deploy”

Step 12: After successful deployment, Active Directory VM, Delivery Controller VM and VDA VM are created on CloudPlatform.


Common Deployment Problems:

  1. Problem Statement : Not enough IP Address in shared network


Solution: Increase the IP address Range

2. Problem Statement: Account primary storage max limits are exceeded


Solution: Increase the Primary storage User or Domain level Resource limits