IBM asked Citrix Octoblu to assist with IoT-enabling the new LocalMotors’ 3D-printed IBM IoT Auto being announced at the IBM Insight 2015 conference in Las Vegas this week.

We seized this opportunity not only to create a cool connected car experience but to connect IBM’s NodeRED IoT environment and IBM’s BlueMix IoT platform with Octoblu’s Meshblu IoT platform and our Gateblu IoT gateway. The end result was magical!

The following systems on the IBM IoT connected car can be controlled through Octoblu and NodeRED: headlights, hazard lights, under-glow lighting, and the instrument gauges from LinkMotion. Octoblu’s other connected services such as weather forecasts, Twitter, GotoMeeting (and many other services) can also now interact with the car! This means that you could create a simple flow automation in the Octoblu designer to open your MyQ garage door and turn on your Phillips Hue or LIFX lighting and adjust your Nest thermostat when you arrive home.

The open source Octoblu Meshblu IoT cloud platform is installed on an Intel Edison while the power relays are all connected to a Raspberry Pi. Both micro-controller boards are connected via an onboard WiFi LAN installed in the car. When the car has network connectivity, it can be controlled through Octoblu or the NodeRED designer interfaces.  Developers can also use the Octoblu Meshblu APIs to add even more functionality to the connected car experience!

An interesting side effect learned from working with IBM is that Octoblu acts as a seamless connector experience for on-boarding devices not only onto the Octoblu IoT platform and ecosystem but also with the IBM BlueMix IoT platform.  Both platforms can be interlinked via the NodeRED/Meshblu interface. This means that Octoblu-connected devices can now communicate with IBM BlueMix-connected devices and visa versa!

Here’s a short video, walking you through a demo of Octoblu and NodeRED working together to deliver a truly connected car experience. We’ll post a more detailed article on how to add Octoblu and IBM NodeRED to your own vehicle soon…