Developed by Citrix Support, the Windows XDPing Tool has proven to be a popular customer self-service tool for troubleshooting Windows Virtual Desktop Appliance and XenDesktop Controller deployments. A quick XDPing health check has saved thousands of Citrix customers hours and days overcoming common configuration issues.

Here at Linux VDA Engineering, one of our key objectives was to bake supportability into the product from day one. With an aggressive schedule to add support for more Linux distros and product features into diverse enterprise environments, we recognized the need to be fully vested in the customer experience.

For this reason, and riding on the Support team’s success with Windows XDPing, we have developed our own XDPing tool for Linux VDAs. We have taken it seriously as well. The range of tests XDPing performs on the Linux environment is extensive, with over 150 individual items checked. Some of the key features include:

  • A new “pre-flight” mode which can be run before installing the Linux VDA
  • Rapid test/fix iterations; just re-run the set of tests which were failing
  • Deep verification of Kerberos and Active Directory integration
  • Verbose tracing options
  • Also runs on popular community-supported distros including CentOS

You can download Linux XDPing here. We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions on how we could improve this tool.