Don’t get caught with your Windows Server 2003 around your ankles.

Yes, folks, it’s everyone’s favorite season of the year. The temperatures are getting cooler. The trees will soon change from Kelly green to a vibrant explosion of orange and red. And the auditors are sharpening their #2 pencils into instruments of compliance-auditing joy.

Depending on what industry or whether your organization is public or private, you may face any number of compliance audits and regulatory checks. For instance, all publicly traded companies are subject to the standards set forth in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX). If you have ever visited a healthcare facility you are well aware of rules and regulations around HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability Act). Then there is GLBA or the “Financial Modernization Act” and lest we forget, PCI DSS for the Payment Card Industry and Data Security Standards.

Does anyone else have a sudden, throbbing headache?

Heck, even in our own personal lives there is no greater fear (financially) than receiving a notice of a personal tax audit. I don’t even like typing about it for fear it will cause a trigger audit.

And what’s worse? You may have something sitting relatively benignly in your data center that is a huge red flag to auditors. You see, the vast majority of audits will involve an assessment of IT systems. This is because these systems are such an integral part to the compliance process. And that little old Windows Server 2003 that’s been chugging along for 10+ years can be your audit undoing.

Don’t forget: ever since July 14, 2015, those servers have not been supported, updated, or patched by Microsoft. And even if they are humming along off direct ties to the internet they may still cause your next compliancy audit to fail.

So what, you say? What’s the auditor going to do? Hand me a sticky note with a frowny face on it? Not exactly. Failing the SOX audit in some cases could lead to a $5 million dollar fine. GLBA flunkies could spend up to 5 years in prison. Or worse yet, the two punishments could be combined for a ground rule double.

But all is not lost. The sky doesn’t have to fall. Locusts will not swarm down upon thee and bring doom and gloom to your corporate infrastructure.

“What can I do?” you ask. Attend this abbreviated webinar and learn how Citrix can assist in getting rid–for good–of those antiquated servers that put your audits in peril. It could very well end up being the best 30 minutes of your day.

Lastly, if you are in Las Vegas this week and happen to be at SAP TechEd, stop by the Citrix booth where we will have a team of industry experts poised to answer your toughest questions. Oh, and I will be there too!