Who doesn’t love superheroes? And we all know the famous opening line of the first–the original–Star Wars epic: “A long time ago, in a galaxy, far far away …”

Combining superhero moxie and that legendary opening, we hereby bring you the adventures of Citrix super heroes–Len and Reese–wandering space adventurers who bring Citrix solutions to the most intractable challenges throughout space.

This inaugural 5-part comic series introduces the world–no, the galaxy!–to the power and magic of Citrix Workspace Cloud and its remarkable set of services, including Citrix LIfecycle Management.

In my role as an artist at Citrix, I’ve illustrated scenes in space that will likely look remarkably familiar to Citrix sales engineers and partners: enterprise leaders who are looking for the right solution to unify their expanding empires of employees, services and data.

Citrix-esque superheroes Len & Reese help their struggling customers unite their workforces with Citrix Workspace Cloud, resulting in huge improvements in efficiency, collaboration and cost savings.

Don’t all customers need that kind of super help?

Citrix Workspace Cloud

Citrix Workspace Cloud simplifies the design and deployment of virtual apps and desktops, mobility management and secure file sharing solutions, no matter where they are deployed.

Len & Reese 01

Citrix Workspace Cloud uses Resource Locations to deliver services to your users. You place your Resource Locations where they best meet your business needs.

Len & Reese p2