Octoblu flows allow you to visually program automations for things that you have connected to Octoblu. Whether it’s a light, API or a software service, flows are powerful tools for creating custom automations for your connected things.

We have spent the last month developing the next version of our flow engine and are excited to have Octoblu users try it out.

What’s different about the new Flow Engine?

  • You’re able to start and stop flows much faster, allowing you to iterate on your automations quickly.
  • We improved availability and reliability of flows.
  • We improved instrumentation, so Flows can be monitored for failures and restarted automatically.
  • We added evergreen deployments of the flow engine to allow all users to run the latest version without having to restart their flows.
  • Future improvements will allow us to run flows at the edge of the network (in the future you will be able to run your flows on IoT gateways, connected cars, home/office).

How to enable your flows to run on the new beta Flow-Engine

  1. Enable the beta flow access on the profile page

2. Check the beta-flow engine box on the Flow in the Designer


3. Deploy your flow (Press the Play button)


And that’s it. Now your flows are running on the new Flow-Engine. Stay tuned for future posts on details about the new Flow-Engine.