Interested in learning more about what Citrix is working on when it comes to the Internet of Things? The good news is that there are some opportunities in the near term where you can hear from Citrix first-hand what we are working on, and how we view the opportunity that IoT presents us and our customers.

The Internet of Things (IoT) Opportunity

Just how big is the Internet of Things and the opportunity behind it? Earlier this year we asked the question if the Internet of Things (IoT) is overhyped or underestimated.

What matters here is the context for how you frame the IoT opportunity. Often IoT is portrayed in narrowly defined scenarios that focus more on the technology itself and how a particular ‘gadget’ or ‘thing’ can add a new or interesting connection to a more individualistic setting (i.e. making your watch, your car, your thermostat, your home smarter). To move beyond this narrow view, the discussion needs to move broadly beyond things and more on how IoT can solve complex problems by integrating everything together.

In that article we took the position that if you frame IoT beyond narrowly defined use cases, and instead focus on how IoT can help solve complex problems by integrating everything together, then the argument for underestimating IoT emerges:

Changing the context from the ‘Internet of Things’ to the ‘Integration of Everything’ really starts to paint the picture of just how transformative IoT can be. In this context, IoT will be the underpinning for a massive platform revolutionizing how new and legacy applications, sensors, things, gadgets, people, places, and businesses can easily and efficiently exchange information.

It is this position that led Citrix to declare in the Citrix 2020 Technology Landscape that IoT represents “The biggest expansion of IT ever”.

The Integration of Everything and Citrix

So, what does the Integration of Everything mean for Citrix and our customers? We’d like to invite you to hear from Citrix first-hand just some of the things we are working on and where we think the Internet of Things and the Integration of Everything is heading.

EDUCAUSE Annual Conference: October 27 – 30

If you are heading to the EDUCAUSE conference in Indianapolis this October, we would like to invite you to come by the Citrix booth (Booth 1230) to have discussions and see demos for what Citrix has to offer higher education today, and what we are working on to help higher education tomorrow. In the booth we will be demonstrating how Project Minerva is focused on helping colleges and universities automate the classroom by leveraging Octoblu and the Internet of Things (IoT) to deliver a seamless teacher and student experience in the classroom.  Please stop by and be sure to let us know what you think

Internet of Things Expo: November 3-5

At the 4th International Internet of Things Expo in Santa Clara this November, there will be two sessions where Citrix will be presenting on the Internet of Things opportunity.  First you can hear Chris Matthieu (co-founder and CTO of Octoblu) talk about the IoT Super Powers that will be created from the 20 billion IoT devices that will soon be connected to the Internet. You can also attend the IoT and Education session, where I’ll discuss how higher education is ripe for disruption, and the potential for the Internet of Things to lead this disruption.

If you are heading to either of these conferences, please stop by some of the demos and sessions hosted by Citrix, we’d be happy to talk to you directly about the opportunity we see from the Internet of Things and the related Integration of Everything.

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