Per Citrix product life cycle, NetScaler 9.x train will reach End Of Life (EOL) right around Halloween. For those that have not taken the steps to get to 10.x, now is the the time! We have lots of awesome features in the 10.x train, so get on board and get the latest 10.5.x software release.

There are many features to be leveraged in 10.5.x today. I’ve gathered some of my favorite blog posts that talk about the features from which you can benefit:

Top 10 news delights

Ringing in the new year

NetScaler 10.5 brings altogether

What’s also pretty neat about the latest release is that it encompasses all the minor releases and builds prior to 10.x, so having the latest build provides not only the latest enhancements, but also ongoing performance improvements. This also applies to latest and cutting-edge features that are now available with 11.0, as well.

You can go to the latest download page for the 10.5.x and 11.0 releases and get on the latest NetScaler software train!