By now you’re probably aware that Citrix Lifecycle Management, one of the key services of Citrix Workspace Cloud, can easily deploy both Citrix workloads and non-Citrix workloads via blueprints. To highlight that point, there are a few interesting new blueprints you might want to check-out.

On the Citrix workload front, two new Citrix CloudPlatform blueprints are available in the “Components” section of the Blueprint Catalog:

  • Citrix CloudPlatform POC  deploys the CloudPlatform Management Server and MySQL database on a server
  • Citrix CloudPlatform Cluster, including NFS server deploys a clustered CloudPlatform Management Server installation including both a MySQL Server and an NFS Server.


Both of these blueprints are useful if you’re looking to get started with Citrix CloudPlatform.  Installing Citrix CloudPlatform with NFS is boiled down to just 8 steps. Once you add this blueprint to your Citrix Lifecycle Management library, you can edit and customize things as desired.


On the non-Citrix workload front, there’s a blueprint in the “Community” section of Citrix Lifecycle Management that automates the deployment of the a popular Apache Mesos distribution and Marathon framework.


If you’re not familiar with Apache Mesos, it’s an open source Apache project that webscale companies like Twitter and AirBnB use to achieve datacenter automation and elastic scale-out. Mesosphere is delivering a commercial Apache Mesos distribution. With the help of Citrix Lifecycle Management it’s now a snap to setup Mesosphere and one of it’s frameworks called Marathon on any kind of infrastructure including bare hypervisors like Citrix XenServer.


In short, there are several compelling new blueprints coming on line in rapid fashion.  So whether you’re deploying a Citrix Workload or some other enterprise application you’re covered with Citrix Lifecycle Management. See how useful these blueprints are and discover others with your no-fee trial.