The new release of CloudBridge Virtual WAN v8.1 brings improved centralized management and reporting, visibility and SLA monitoring and introduces VPX appliances into the product line-up.

The CloudBridge Virtual WAN solution helps enterprises control costs when scaling WAN bandwidth by bonding multiple network services such as MPLS, broadband, mobile and satellite Internet together to maximize WAN capacity and reliability. Citrix customers are finding a lot of value in the solution and this version shows our commitment to evolve it with key new enhancements. Read more about the CloudBridge Virtual WAN solution.

Find these new capabilities in this latest release of CloudBridge Virtual WAN:

  • Centralized management and reporting with the new VWAN centerCloudBridge Virtual WAN Center delivering comprehensive management, visibility and SLA monitoring. Benefit from enhanced management and troubleshooting with a single pane of glass for administering the complete Virtual WAN topology including real-time alerting, fault management and SLA monitoring with Virtual WAN Center.
  • Expanded appliance options with new virtual appliances (Virtual WAN VPX 10, 20, 50, 100 models). The new virtual appliances speed deployments at the branch while also lowering CapEx requirements.
  • A new 2Gbps option for the CloudBridge 4000 platform, which lowers the cost and complexities of larger deployments.

These enhancements make the CloudBridge Virtual WAN solution more compelling to enterprise IT. You can see the benefits of the Virtual WAN solution such as expanded WAN capacity at lower cost with the following videos:  Virtual WAN solution for XenDesktop as well as the benefits for enterprise applications in general.

As a reminder, please visit the CloudBridge webpage for the latest information as well as the new CloudBridge Virtual WAN VPX free trial. We encourage you to also contact your sales representative for a demonstration now.