Throughout this blog series we have given you a teaser into the content of the delivering a custom StoreFront 3.0 experience eLearning course.

We have whetted your customization appetite by showing you, using step by step videos, how to:

  • Video 1 – Toggle between the Classic UI and the new StoreFront 3.0 experience UI.
  • Video 2 – Propagate changes made on one StoreFront server to the rest of the StoreFront servers in the server group.
  • Video 3 – Add custom logos to the login screen and header as well as change the header background color.

In this, the last video of this preview blog series, you will see how to create Featured Application Groups that can be used to advertise a set of applications to a specific set of users. This is useful to club applications, that specific departments use together, making it simpler for users of that department to subscribe to them all at once rather than have to search for them one by one.

Blog 1 - Image 1

Let’s see how to go about creating Featured App groups:

The videos shown as part of this blog series are the first few in a new on-demand course from Citrix Education that provides a deep-dive into StoreFront 3.0 customization, not only does it examine the nitty-gritty of the new features, but also shows you what you need to know to deliver that customized experience. You can get to the eLearning course under the Virtualization section, under the name – Delivering a Custom StoreFront Experience.