On-demand, cloud-based services aren’t just the future of IT—they’re what people demand today, and what businesses need to provide in order to help people work better. Enterprises interested in Citrix Workspace Cloud are looking at cloud-based solutions to help drive the scalable, secure workspaces needed in business today.

Today disruptions are happening in every business – line-of-business app purchases are being made outside of IT, people are looking to access work information on their personal devices, and your firm’s revenue now driven by buyers who want the easiest and most pleasant experience.

A tech industry guru summed it up well:

“Your enterprise’s business model is already under attack from digital disruptors.” – Geoffrey Moore, author of Dealing with Darwin and Crossing the Chasm, quote from “Hurry Up Please, It’s Time”

Workspace Cloud: A New Approach for Changing Times

Citrix now provides the industry’s first integrated approach to delivering complete workspace services to any user on any device, with the flexibility to match any IT strategy and key use cases in the enterprise.

Citrix Workspace Cloud is the first integrated management platform to deliver the secure, scalable and personalized services your workforce needs to do their best work – and from any location or device. With secure workspace delivery at cloud scale, Workspace Cloud helps your business move faster, empowers people to work better, and lowers overall IT costs.

Workspace Cloud uniquely delivers on the full promise of the modern workspace with a unified platform to easily design, deploy and manage secure workspaces for any cloud or infrastructure. IT can provide each user with the right mix of app, desktop, data and mobility management, automatically integrated to help ensure a seamless experience while freeing IT to focus on strategic enablement.

Workspace Cloud: Empowering IT with Choice

Delivered as a subscription service, Workspace Cloud takes a Software-as-a-Service approach to traditional Citrix technologies. Subscriptions include 24×7 Citrix technical support and an easy approach to upgrades, which are always available.

Secure, scalable and always up to date, the managed platform allows each organization to choose the location where resources live – public or private clouds, on-premises infrastructure, or a hybrid model.

Need to put specific data in Europe for compliance reasons? Choose a public cloud with a European location and create a Workspace Cloud Resource Location to manage the data, assets and apps. Find cost savings using a private cloud for specific segments of workers? Workspace Cloud lets you make the choice that works best for your organization’s preferences.

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