Partners who propel themselves towards monumental success know how to deliver exceptional value to customers.

These partners can back up their strategic business and IT conversations with technical skills and knowledge. Citrix Specializations enables partners to increase customer satisfaction by driving technically focused engagements.

Citrix has the only complete solution for solving customers’ information access issues and making business so much easier

Partners can differentiate themselves from generalist competitors and customers benefit from partners’ specialized expertise in a technical competency, end-to-end sales capability and service delivery in Virtualization, Mobility and Networking.

Sweden’s golden globe recognition of Citrix Specializations

AceIQ a Swedish Platinum partner was first in the Nordics to earn all four Citrix Specializations and in the first group in Northern Europe, EMEA and globally.

Citrix CEO Mark Templeton congratulated AceIQ’s CEO and co-founder, Håkan Andersson, on this achievement: “I have been fortunate to follow the founders of AceIQ for many years on their Citrix journey and I am pleased now to see that they are one of the first companies in the world and the first one in the Nordics that have completed the requirements for our specialist program. I believe that this is just the beginning of what we will see from this driven and expanding company from Sweden.”

Andersson has a long history with Citrix.

Asked for his perspective on the company’s remarkable success, he said, “Access to information is becoming more important all the time, and Citrix has the only complete solution for solving customers’ information access issues and making business so much easier.”

He cited XenMobile as a unique offering for today’s mobile businesses, applauded the recent re-emphasis on XenApp as the best and most cost-effective app delivery platform, and pointed to the popularity of Citrix Workspace Suite.

Furthermore, I am excited to add AceIQ just closed a $700,000 deal with a multinational customer for XenMobile Enterprise and Citrix Workspace Suite licenses.

Surpassing challenges and soaring success

Founded in 2010, AceIQ achieved Platinum status in just four years, and today serves large enterprises and mid-market organizations with a variety of challenges. A common scenario is the need to support mobile workers.

Specialist designation allows AceIQ to demonstrate its technical capabilities in mobility management to prospects and customers. In addition, AceIQ is having great success delivering private cloud solutions based on CloudPlatform and CloudPortal to enterprises that are hesitant to use public cloud services.

When it comes to manufacturing, one of AceIQ’s target verticals, Citrix provides the ability to roam from device to device on the production floor, while engineers benefit from HDX 3D Pro, which makes it much faster and easier to run their projects.

Andersson said his company is enjoying high demand for its services and is preparing for the future by recruiting highly skilled Citrix Specialists, as well as starting up a trainee program for promising new people.

“We are pleased to call ourselves a Citrix Specialist partner. It is important to show customers that we are always in the lead with Citrix technologies.”

Step up to Specialist

I strongly encourage partners to start your specialization journey today. If you are currently a Citrix partner, visit Citrix Specialist on Citrix Partner Central for more details. If you are not already a member of the Citrix Partner Network, become a partner and grow with us!

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