The intent of this post is to enable deployment of XenMobile 10.x along with NetScaler Load Balancing Virtual Servers configured in SSL Bridge Mode for enrollment with enumeration of apps from XA along with the apps enabled in XenMobile Server to WorxHome.

This guide contains the steps to configure servers (XMS and NS) based on the architecture defined in the document. It covers the  following, However, Client (App) Configurations will be updated soon.

  1. Pre-Requisites required to deploy XenMobile
  2. XenMobile Architecture
  3. Firewall Ports Requirement
  4. XenMobile Initial Configuration
  5. NetScaler Configurations
  6. NetScaler Gateway Configurations on XenMobile
  7. Adding XenApp STA on NetScaler
  8. Storefront Configurations
  9. XenMobile Integration with Storefront
  10. End user experience
  11. Appendix

Intended Audience:

  1. Citrix XenMobile Product Deployment Administrators
  2. Citrix Partners
  3. Citrix Customers
  4. Citrix SE’s
  5. Anyone who would like to deploy XenMobile 10.x.

Download LinkA Step-by-Step Guide to setup XM 10.1 setup in SSL Bridge mode with StoreFront-XenApp

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any queries about any step in the document.

Thank you,

Roshan Smith,
Lead Systems Engineer, MET-MPG.