Citrix is hosting the South Florida Technology Alliance event on Thursday, 10/15 at 5:00 in Fort Lauderdale HQ!

Learn from the innovators of technology in education. From the beginnings of a dorm room startup in Cornell in the late 90’s, listen to how Dan Cane developed the technology to connect professors to students for the first time and then grow the business to a global leader in tech education.

Chris Harrison the CTO of Nova Southeastern University (NSU) will describe the initiative to transform how Technologies like Virtualization, IoT, remote and social can be leveraged to improve student outcomes and position NSU as a national leader leveraging tech in education.

Plus, learn how online learning is effecting the future of education.

Chris Fleck, Citrix VP of Emerging Solutions, will host these distinguished Speakers:

Dan Cane: The co-founder of Blackboard, the leading Learning Management System used in K-12 though Higher Ed. Dan is currently the CEO of Modernizing Medicine the Boca Raton company revolutionizing the Electronic Medical Record industry. Dan is also a Board of Trustees member at FAU and an active member of the tech community, driving improvements in education.

Chris Harrison: The CTO of Nova Southeastern University in the Office of Innovation and Information Technology. Chris has extensive experience leading technology teams and initiatives, including inception though launch of the disruptive online education platforms.

John Edelson: Founder and President of Vocabulary Spelling City and Science4Us–which are used nationwide in elementary schools–and two products: Time4Learning, and Time4Writing, which are primarily used by homeschoolers. John spent 15 years in the high tech and video game development industries in Silicon Valley and London. He serves on the FAU College of Education Advisory Board.

Robert Grillo: Florida International University (FIU) Vice President and CIO, Mr. Grillo has over 20 years of leadership experience in IT management and strategic consulting. He currently leads a division of more than 250 information technology professionals. Mr. Grillo is the 2013 winner of the Education category of the South Florida Digital Alliance Awards.

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