“Improving your company’s workflow is the single most beneficial boost you can give your business and how you manage your workflow says a lot about your business.”- Brendan Goleby

With the increased demand for companies to run efficiently, businesses start off prioritizing their automation workflows. 

However, the process of automating a workflow can be difficult and many companies don’t make it past the design phase. The Citrix ShareFile Professional Services team designed workflow offerings to assist companies with overcoming the hurdles of automation through documentation, design and the implementation of automated workflows.

The first phase of workflow automation is discovery. To start this process, a Citrix Certified Engineer reviews the manual processes within an organization and documents current state. If manual workflows have not been previously identified, the Engineer will hold workshops with the applicable Business Units/Departments to discover current manual workflows.

After the discovery phase, a custom automated workflow is designed and then implemented for each client. Below is a diagram of an automated expense management process using ShareFile and custom coding to automate the approval workflow. The manual process took over 13 steps. After automation, the process took only 6 steps. This reduced the time to process an expense report by half. In addition, the automation is estimated to save approximately $20 a workflow or over $10,000/year if 500 expense reports are submitted within that year.

Expense Report Automation
Expense Report Automation Workflow

As you can see, Citrix ShareFile is more than just file sharing! Get started today! Anyone can save time and money with automated workflows.If you would like a custom created automated workflow or to speak with one of our representatives, email SharefileProfSvcs@citrix.com