The primary intent of this blog is to enable Kerberos SSO for Worxweb through Constrained Delegation. NetScaler and Microsoft Active Directory communication for kerberos could be enabled in other ways like using a keytab & Certificates. In this use case we are using credentials of KCD account.

This guide contains steps to configure the following:

  1. WorkFlow to enable KCD for WorxWeb and WorxWeb only.
  2. Creating KCD Account in Active Directory
  3. Creating KCD user account on NetScaler
  4. Creating LB VServer on NetScaler
  5. Creating Traffic Policy on NetScaler
  6. Configuring backend website for Kerberos Authentication
  7. Validating Kerberos authentication on NetScaler
  8. End User Experience using Worxweb.

Download Link:

Configuring Kerberos Single Sign-on for WorxWeb through Constrained Delegation

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any queries about any step in the document.

Thank you,

Ganesh Kumar & Avinash Golusula,
Lead Systems Engineers, MET-MPG.

Note: the screenshots in the document are for representational purposes only.