Hello! We’ve got some exciting news for the Citrix Community today. We’re sharing this hand-picked list of important How-To, Troubleshooting, FAQ and Tool articles that are related to the most frequently referenced hot topics within the Citrix Tech Support Team for the month of October 2015!

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CTX201988 – How to Install XenDesktop/XenApp 7.x Controller Hotfixes
CTX136668 – Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) Registration Flowchart and Troubleshooting Tips
CTX126992 – Troubleshooting VDA Registration with Controllers in XenDesktop
CTX128580 – XenDesktop Support for Microsoft KMS and MAK Activation with MCS
CTX201696 – Support for 4K Resolution and Multi-Monitors

Netscaler/NetScaler Gateway

CTX133904 – Error: “Cannot complete your request” in StoreFront
CTX126793 – Best Practices for Upgrading NetScaler or NetScaler Gateway
CTX127455 – How to Upgrade Software on NetScaler in High Availability Setup
CTX108876 – How to Configure LDAP Authentication on a NetScaler
CTX126154 – NetScaler Displays Error Messages Installing Microsoft SharePoint AppExpert Template Using Wizard
CTX135875 – Troubleshooting Steps for AAA Issues on Exchange OWA through NetScaler
CTX113341 – How to Obtain Performance Statistics and Event Logs from NetScaler
CTX201928 – Troubleshooting Outlook Disconnection Issue through NetScaler


CTX141751 – Receiver Diagnostics Tool
CTX202091 – FAQ: iOS 9 and Citrix Receiver Support
CTX202092 – OS X El Capitan and Citrix Receiver Support
CTX133982 – How to Manually Install and Configure Citrix Receiver for Pass-Through Authentication
CTX200157 – How to Configure Citrix Receiver Pass-Through Authentication for StoreFront or Web Interface


CTX200430 – FAQ: XenMobile 10 and NetScaler 10.5 Integration
CTX136914 – FAQ: Worx Home for Mobile Devices and MicroVPN Technology
CTX200971 – How to Prepare WorxMail for APNs Worx App
CTX141685 – Worx EAS Test Tool


CTX202214 – How to Apply XenServer Hotfixes that Modify Dom0 Kernel when MPP RDAC Multipathing Enabled
CTX200390 – Power Settings in XenServer 6.5: C-states, Turbo and CPU Frequency Scaling
CTX118791 – Multipathing Overview for XenServer 6.x
CTX134951 – How to configure dom0 Memory in XenServer 6.1 and Later


CTX200024 – How to Upgrade System VM Template without Upgrading Management Server in CloudPlatform
CTX202255 – CPBM Telesign Interop Issue
CTX133468 – How to Replace realhostip.com with Own Domain Name on CloudPlatform 4.2.x
CTX200918 – How to Clean Up Tables in Cloud and Cloud Usage Database