Every business today is focused on bringing new technologies online more quickly, at higher quality, to drive business value—and Citrix is no different.

When we needed to accelerate our development cycles, the NetApp All Flash FAS in a FlexPod platform, a converged infrastructure solution by NetApp and Cisco, made it possible for us to execute automated tests faster, reliably and at scale. Now NetApp has recognized our work with a 2015 NetApp Innovation Award. We’re proud of the success of our engineering team, but we’re also excited to showcase our project for the sake of other organizations who can benefit from a similar approach.

We’ll be discussing the project in detail at NetApp Insight® in Las Vegas, Nevada October 12 – 15—come see for yourself!

The business case for our FlexPod with NetApp All Flash FAS implementation was simple. To accelerate our development cycles, we needed to eliminate inconsistent execution results leading to wasted triage time and focus on building more automated tests. This called for a more robust infrastructure platform.

We were already well familiar with the benefits of FlexPod, a proven solution now celebrating its fifth anniversary—and more than $3 billion in sales. Citrix has had a long and productive relationship with NetApp, and we’ve always made extensive use of NetApp storage solutions. Still, we did our due diligence in evaluating a variety of flash storage solutions, and chose NetApp based as much on its performance, flexibility and rich data management features as on our existing partnership.

Introducing NetApp all-flash arrays into our software development process reduced storage latency up to tenfold, allowing us to deliver response times to our developers in the range of .3 to .5 ms. With reliable sub-millisecond latency and support for NFS, the solution was the perfect fit for our needs; it’s no accident that virtual desktops are a popular workload on FlexPod.

The results validated our choice. The solution makes it possible for our developers to build more automated tests, more quickly and execute on as many as 125 automated tests simultaneously with high consistency and reliability. That gave our engineering team the scale-out capacity, performance and nondisruptive operations they needed to deliver new features in our flagship XenApp and XenDesktop product lines at high speed and quality.

Learn more about our FlexPod project in the detailed NetApp case study and in the Net App Innovation Award press release

We hope you’ll be able to join us at NetApp Insight for the NetApp Innovation Award ceremony on October 13, 2015 to celebrate our FlexPod project along with other transformational achievements. More importantly, we urge you to visit us at the event, booth #401, to learn more about the great work we’ve done with NetApp and Cisco on FlexPod—and find out how you can achieve similar benefits in your organization.