AWS is a great place to run your Citrix workloads, providing capacity-on-demand to scale your business, and to deliver computing resources wherever they’re needed. But to leverage the full value of your cloud strategy, you also need to address management across on-premises, private, public, and hybrid clouds—whether for desktops, data or mobile workspaces.

With Citrix Workspace Cloud, you can now manage resources from a single control plane as your cloud strategy evolves. Join Citrix at AWS re:Invent – Las Vegas, October 6 – 9, 2015, booth #741, to learn what this means for your cloud strategy.

Different companies take different approaches to cloud deployments, including decisions to deploy onto AWS. Not every organization is ready to put their entire environment in the cloud; some take a staged approach over time, while others see a long-term hybrid approach as the best way to meet granular requirements for security, performance, price and data sovereignty. Whatever path you take, you need to be able to simultaneously and seamlessly manage resources in every location—AWS, your own datacenter and anywhere else—in a simple, consistent and efficient way.

Leveraging mobile workspace technologies powered by Citrix XenApp®, XenDesktop®, XenMobile® and ShareFile®, Citrix Workspace Cloud provides a single management plane across every resource location you use.

Delivered as a cloud management service, Citrix Workspace Cloud lets you provision workspaces tailored for users anywhere in the world simply by signing up new subscribers for the appropriate combination of virtual apps, desktops, mobility management and file sharing services. You get to choose where each service runs—in one or more of your own datacenters, on a public cloud like AWS or on a hybrid combination. As your cloud strategy evolves, you can shift Citrix workloads among resource locations without changing the way you manage them, making cloud migration and hybrid strategies simple and transparent to manage.

Delivering speed and simplicity, Citrix Workspace Cloud gives you the freedom to apply your cloud strategy in the best way for your organization.

Keep dedicated desktops for power-users on-premise for high performance, while shifting task-based and seasonal workers to AWS for scalability and cost efficiency; locate regulated content at AWS or corporate datacenters within domestic markets to meet data sovereignty requirements; transition among hybrid models as your needs change—you’ll always be able to manage your entire environment in the same, simple way.

Learn more about Citrix Workspace Cloud at, and take a look at this video (from our own Gunnar Berger) to learn about Citrix Workspace Cloud setup on AWS:

Be sure to visit Citrix at AWS re:Invent, booth #741, to see first-hand what Citrix Workspace Cloud can do for your business.