This blog series is a sneak peek into the Citrix eLearning course developed to train you on delivering a custom StoreFront 3.0 experience for your StoreFront users.

If you haven’t already seen Customize StoreFront 3.0 – The new UI, the first video of this series, take a couple of minutes to check it out.

In the first video, we saw how to switch from the Classic Storefront “Green Bubble” theme to the new unified StoreFront 3.0 theme (you can find more details in the corresponding eLearning course under the Virtualization section – Delivering a Custom StoreFront Experience).

For this installment, we have a short video in which we will see how to replicate changes, made on one StoreFront server, across all StoreFront servers in a server group.

Blog 2 - Image 1

To see how to go about this, watch the video below.

Keep in mind that you can only propagate changes from the one StoreFront server to the rest of the StoreFront servers in the same server group. Also, the changes made on other servers will be overwritten with the changes made on this server.

In the next blog in this series, we will see how to implement custom branding and appearance tweaks to the StoreFront and in the final blog of the series you can see how to create Featured Application Groups.