Cloud isn’t just about IaaS by the hour, and your job isn’t just about managing IT infrastructure. You need solutions that let you make apps work for users, while still meeting your business’s ever-increasing demands for increased agility on ever tighter budgets. Cloud services help you achieve this by automating deployment and operational tasks that would otherwise cost your IT team much time and money.

Enter Citrix Lifecycle Management (CLM), the first service from Citrix that brings you a centralized command center to control your entire Citrix environment, on premises and in the cloud. Through automated Blueprints, Monitoring and Management for Citrix’s products, select partner solutions and your own applications, CLM lowers deployment and operational costs for all the technologies you rely on to make the magic happen for your users.

Citrix Lifecycle Management can work with a Citrix Workspace Cloud service or as a stand alone service that helps manage the Citrix products and other applications you already own. It’s one control plane to manage all your workloads everywhere, at your premises or on a cloud.


Early feedback from customers and partners has been outstanding. In fact before the service was even released hundreds of early access program participants were already using CLM to develop reports and automations to simplify their operations and reduce costs. Citrix’s technology partners are joining in too, now that we’ve launched tools and programs that allow them to verify their solutions with ours. Some of our most prominent Citrix Ready partners have already published Blueprints that help you enhance your platform for delivering enterprise grade user workspaces and more are under development now. The response we’re seeing from our partner community has been phenomenal and these solutions for customers just keep getting better and more diverse.

For example, Nutanix is a leading provider of hyper-converged infrastructure that is managed through software, almost like a cloud. Their Blueprint automatically configures their infrastructure to be ready to deploy Citrix apps and desktops.

Our own Citrix Blueprints for XenApp, XenDesktop, XenMobile, NetScaler and CloudBridge can deploy on all your software-defined infrastructure, including Nutanix, clouds like Azure or AWS, and even traditional servers running hypervisors.

And when you want your Citrix workloads to run across many types and locations of infrastructure, virtual storage solutions like Atlantis ensure your data is available everywhere it’s needed and substantially optimizes the I/O stream, to extract every last bit of performance possible from the capacity you’ve paid for, while also staging your data in alternate locations in case required for a disaster recovery event.

Net-net, you spend less time reading installation manuals and more time running your business.

However, getting a system up and running is only the first step. partners like Lakeside and LoginVSI specialize in determining the applications your users consume and configuring the appropriate amount of capacity to provide ideal user performance. AppSense provides flexible optimizations that help control and optimize capacity utilization, application security, policies and user profiles for enterprise grade, global deployments.

Once you’ve have everything installed and the system is live, it’s critical to maintain the performance and security levels your users expect and that’s where our Monitoring partners come in. Comtrade, eG Innovations, and Xangati all integrate, deploy and ensure your Citrix environment is as transparently manageable as any other part of your infrastructure. Comtrade’s specialty includes integration with legacy management systems you may already have, like Microsoft System Center or HP OpenView. Goliath’s specialty includes monitoring workspaces and also deep integration with Citrix NetScaler, so you can sense and respond to network issues in real time.

If you don’t already have access to Lifecycle Management blueprints, you can start by first creating a Workspace Cloud account here. From there, go to the Architect section and start your Lifecycle Management trial. After that, you can easily find each of these partner CLM Blueprints in the Lifecycle Management Blueprint Catalog.

These partners represent a select few that participated in an early access program for Lifecycle Management. Now that CLM is generally available, many others are hard at work making it easier for you to make your users’ workspaces even better, so stay tuned!