The Challenge: CloudOps was challenged with meeting the growing demand for high-quality regional cloud services in Canada. CloudOps also launched, Canada’s first and only regional virtual private cloud.

The Solution: To deliver secure, affordable, reliable and scalable cloud infrastructure in Canada.

“Citrix is a very rare vendor in that it has most of the pieces you need for a project like this,” says Ian Rae, founder and CEO of CloudOps. Citrix offers:

  • A highly scalable server virtualization and hypervisor management platform with Citrix XenServer.
  • A single unified cloud management platform that efficiently and securely orchestrates both traditional enterprise and cloud-native application workloads with CloudPlatform allows CloudOps to tailor the infrastructure to each customer.
  • Simple automated scaling of network resources with NetScaler. CloudOps uses the AutoScale feature to specify thresholds for various conditions, keeping workloads balanced in real time without requiring manual intervention. “NetScaler is much better suited to be run in the cloud than other load balancers,” says Rae.

Solutions like Citrix XenServer, NetScaler and CloudPlatform are firmly established with a proven track record. In addition, the Citrix philosophy of “anyness” ensures its offerings work smoothly alongside other standards-compliant products, enabling easy and effective integration with tools such as OpenStack.

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The Challenge: Datapipe was challenged with expanding to service large enterprises with complex cloud computing needs by improving cloud services and speeding deployment times.

The Solution: To offer a range of cloud services for a growing customer base, Datapipe adopted a multipronged approach to deliver public, private and hybrid cloud services to its growing roster of customers with complex computing needs.

Together, Citrix CloudPlatform, Citrix NetScaler, Citrix XenDesktop, Citrix XenApp and Citrix XenServer allow them to offer a differentiated cloud solution.

  • CloudPlatform, which is hypervisor agnostic, helps Datapipe provide private, hybrid and managed cloud services from a single platform. Customers of all sizes can cherry-pick the type of service that’s right for them.
  • XenDesktop and XenApp provide the ability to offer subscription-based virtual desktops and applications.
  • XenServer functions as the underlying hypervisor for the Datapipe public cloud offering.
  • NetScaler, which provides the company’s customers with load balancing and traffic management services.

CloudPlatform is easy to operate and deploy allowing Datapipe to support a burgeoning customer base without sacrificing stability or reliability. Because XenServer “is a lot simpler than other solutions,” Datapipe can get its customers up and running 25% faster compared to competing products. The virtual NetScaler platform also gives them the flexibility to get up and running quickly and helps optimize, secure and manage the delivery of Datapipe cloud services while reducing costs internally.

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