Since we introduced the Framehawk technologies for broadband wireless and high latency connections into HDX, I’ve been anxious to hear about “real world” customer experiences with this new virtual channel. Here’s a sampling of comments received so far:

Real estate investment trust

Working in XenDesktop over WAN and working at 35% packet loss! Welcome to the future

I love how @citrix #framehawk handles scrolling and redraws under adverse conditions.

Automotive manufacturer

Testing on a WAN connection from North America to Asia-Pacific at 500ms (!) roundtrip latency.

While the difference between LAN and WAN was perceptible, it was barely so.

When moving/spinning 3D objects, the screen movement still lagged the mouse movement at a perceptible level but barely.

Aerospace manufacturer

Using Framehawk with Siemens Teamcenter NX on XenApp HDX 3D Pro between India and the United States at 450 ms roundtrip latency.

We see a little bit of delay [at 450ms] but it’s acceptable and we can get the job done.

So, what do you think? I was, frankly, stunned that manufacturing line workers and engineers can interact with 3D models effectively at 450ms or 500ms roundtrip latency; that’s huge! For them, it’s a tremendous benefit compared to waiting up to 16 hours to transfer a large drawing over the WAN (you can hear Fred Devoir of Textron speak about this in the recent HDX 3D Pro customer webinar).

I’ve set up a forum page where you can post your experiences and help the community better understand when to use Framehawk and when to use Thinwire. Please share you observations here.

Meanwhile, we’ve now built the Framehawk technologies directly into the new Feature Pack 3 VDAs for XenApp 7.6 (RDS, including HDX 3D Pro) and XenDesktop 7.6 (VDI, excluding HDX 3D Pro). [The Admin Guide is here.] So, trying out Framehawk on your network (and from off the corporate network, with NetScaler Gateway) is easier than ever. Give it a whirl and I’ll share more of your feedback in the months ahead.

Derek Thorslund
Director of Product Management, HDX