Google’s next major Android update will be available as of early Fall 2015. 

Android 6.0 (code-named Marshmallow) introduces several notable features including Android Pay for mobile payments, enhancements to the Google Now assistant, improved fingerprint support and better battery conservation among other things.  Over the coming months, this milestone release will make its way to millions of devices across the globe.

Citrix is pleased to announce that our Receiver 3.7.3 for Android officially supports Android 6.0 Marshmallow. We’ve been hard at work testing our Receiver on Android 6 Developer Preview releases to ensure a seamless day 1 support experience.

Citrix has a long history supporting the Android platform for delivery of centralized apps and desktops.  Our Receiver for Android 1.0 was made available back in April of 2010 when smartphones were still in their infancy and the modern tablet market was just kicking off (see

Over the years, we have remained committed to frequent Receiver release cycles for the Android platform to ensure the best possible support while also introducing new capabilities to enhance user experience.  And speaking of capabilities, reviewing the overall Receiver Feature Matrix is a great way to understand what all the Receiver types by platform are capable of so you can plan your environment and use-cases accordingly.

Receiver on Android 1x Receiver on Android 6
Receiver for Android 1.0
(April 2010)
Receiver for Android 3.7.3
(October 2015)

We encourage all Android 6.0 users to update to the latest Receiver version from the Play Store (preferred) or at the download page.  For questions and comments, take advantage of the Receiver for Android Discussions area.

Wishing you a great Android mobile experience!

Allen Furmanski
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Apps and Desktops Group