What does the Future of Education look like? This is a topic that is bound to generate plenty of opinions depending on who you talk to. Citrix itself is one to make occasional predictions regarding education, whether it is broad strokes as part of our technology landscape, more targeted predictions such as how the Internet of Things will impact education , or a discussion on virtual and digital classrooms and what that means for traditional, face to face classrooms.

The future of education is not just about utilizing the abundance of technology that is available. It is about how the education marketplace will adapt to the changing needs of the future knowledge worker, the future of work, and the economy. Citrix 2020 Technology Landscape

Why make predictions? Part of being focused on customer-led innovation is listening to our customers closely enough to uncover problems they can’t or struggle to solve today, and then applying both current and new technologies in a way to solve those problems. Those approaches along with listening and observing our customers helps us illustrate what directions the future may take, and help provide the basis for predictions regarding industries such as education, or technologies such as the Internet of Things.

One thing we have learned about customer-led innovation, is that when you start talking to your customers, you can’t just talk to them once about an idea and then go away and build the future. You instead need to have an ongoing dialogue, always asking questions, always testing concepts and ideas, and always checking back as the fidelity of your ideas starts to come into greater and greater focus.

The Citrix Labs teams has a couple of ideas that have turned into active experiments that are ready for us to highlight and share with our higher education customers.  Project Minerva is focused on helping colleges and universities automate the classroom by leveraging Octoblu and the Internet of Things (IoT) to deliver a seamless teacher and student experience in the classroom.

Learn More at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference 2015

If you are interested in either Project Minerva or CubeFree for Education and want to take a closer look, we will be highlighting both at this year’s EDUCAUSE conference along with the whole range of Citrix solutions for education. If you are heading to the EDUCAUSE conference in Indianapolis this October, we would like to invite you to come by the Citrix booth (Booth 1230) to have discussions and see demos for what Citrix has to offer higher education today, and what we are working on to help higher education tomorrow. Please stop by and be sure to let us know what you think.

Citrix Labs is an applied research organization within Citrix. To get updates on what the Citrix Labs team is following as well as projects the Labs team is working on, you can subscribe to the Citrix Trends and Innovation LinkedIn page.